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You’re just a few steps away from life-changing connections.
CarePortal helps you mobilize your congregation to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community.

”When missions come right onto your doorstep, that’s the best thing that can ever happen in the Church . . . it re-establishes what the Church is to society”


Parker, NY

What churches are saying:

Church Stars

"We are so happy to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these families."

Scottsdale Bible Church, Arizona

"CarePortal is a beautiful way for the government and the faith community to work together. I love it."

Community Bible Church, Arkansas

"Seeing the joy brought to the family was something I will never forget."

Redeemer Baptist Church, Nebraska

"We love helping our neighbors in tangible ways."

Pulpit Rock Church, Colorado

"It provides opportunities to make meaningful connections to families in our own community."

City Hope Church, Alabama

"Such a wonderful way to share with those in need and work together with other churches!"

Grace Baptist Church, New York

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Jesus met physical needs all the time. He met emotional needs. And he met spiritual needs. And that is exactly what he has asked us to do. And when we follow Him in that way, the most amazing thing happens: We are transformed — I am transformed into the likeness of Christ. Because I’ve opened my heart and my life to those who are in need.
Adrien Lewis
Chief Innovation Officer