How CarePortal Works

We connect people who can help with people who need help. Right now, in real-time.

Step 1 – Uncovering needs

A child or family in need requires help from a child-serving professional

Every community has professionals working in a broad range of sectors who are dedicated to improving the lives of the clients they serve. Individuals working in child welfare, education, law enforcement, community help centers, and more interface with vulnerable children and families often, giving them first-hand knowledge of the critical help they need in order to overcome difficult challenges.

Step 2 – Submitting needs

The child-serving professional vets and types needs into CarePortal

Meeting the holistic needs of every child or family that these professionals encounter can have its challenges. By using CarePortal to share those needs, professionals gain connection to a vast network of local churches and caring people in the community who are ready to reinforce their important work and take meaningful action for the clients they serve. Before any need is shared, it goes through a thorough vetting process to ensure that the request is legitimate, accurate, and important to the wellbeing of a child or family.

Step 3 – Sharing needs

CarePortal alerts nearby churches and community members to needs

Once a request is submitted, alerts are instantly emailed and/or texted to responders located within close proximity of the need. Local churches share the primary responsibility of mobilizing their response teams to quickly determine if they can commit to providing the tangible items, relational support, or child placement assistance that is needed. For churches who want to meet needs but require more funds or volunteers, they can also find these resources by connecting with local businesses, community groups, and more (we call them Community Champions) through the platform.

Step 4 – Meeting needs

Churches and community members partner to ensure that the child and family is helped

More than half of the requests entered into CarePortal receive a response in less than 48 hours! Once a church (or several) responds that they can meet a need, they then coordinate gathering what is needed to help the child and their family. Church response team members who have completed special training have the unique opportunity to assist the child-serving professional in physically delivering the items, unlocking a beautiful opportunity to interact with the people directly served and sparking a chance for vulnerable families to gain ongoing, meaningful connection with members of the local faith community.

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