Our Vision

Care for every child

We believe that children belong in the care of healthy, loving families. And that families should be supported by their local church and caring members of their community. This philosophy – established by our parent organization, The Global Orphan Project, as ‘Circles of Care’ – puts the child at the center of everything we do and fundamentally guides our work to ensure a healthier, family-style model of care for every child we serve.


In December 2013, God inspired us with an idea to advance this vision by connecting kids in crisis with churches who can help. We knew that our nation’s most vulnerable children had a caseworker working directly with their family and advocating for their needs. And we knew that local churches, organizations, and community members had the desire and resources to serve those needs. We labored over an innovative way to connect these caring people, in real-time, through the help of technology, in order to expedite care and foster healthy outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

CarePortal was launched in 2015 by The Global Orphan Project, and since then, the platform has expanded across the nation engaging child welfare agencies, schools, pregnancy centers, churches, businesses, volunteer organizations, and more to facilitate local, proactive, and effective care for kids. It is through this collective impact that we are making real progress to reverse our nation’s foster care crisis and radically change the system, and our society, for the better.