Respond to urgent needs

Discover and meet needs that are critical to a child and family’s wellbeing.

Mobilize your congregation in one central place

  • Explore powerful, real-time opportunities for your church to serve others and express its faith through action.
  • Fulfill tangible needs for vulnerable children and families and connect them with ongoing support from the faith community.
  • Build one or several response teams to empower all of your ministry groups to serve.
  • Connect with other churches and community partners who are eager to help you meet needs.
“CarePortal has enabled our church to deliver tangible help in such a personal way by alerting us to needs that we would have never known existed.” -Mandarin Baptist Church, Clay, Florida

Over 85% of church responders agree that CarePortal made them more aware of the needs of children and families in their community and made it easier to assist with those needs.

Source: Survey by Brown School Evaluation Center

Impact Story

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