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Submit urgent, real-time needs

Mobilize local churches and community members to help you achieve healthy outcomes for your clients.

Unlock critical resources in one central place

  • Inspire compassion and drive action by submitting needs that are vital to a child and family’s wellbeing.
  • Advocate for your clients’ needs while keeping their personal information confidential.
  • See responses in real-time and track what needs the community can assist with.
  • Connect with more people and organizations who are eager to support you and your center’s work.
“CarePortal helps meet the physical needs of our clients that we cannot always meet at our center. The churches are trained in how to help in a competent, respectful way and they offer our clients ongoing support.” -Linda Wenck, Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center


CarePortal unites caring professionals, local churches, and community partners to serve vulnerable children and families

Partnership Video

Resource Health connects with local churches using CarePortal to help meet the practical needs of their clients

CarePortal is NO COST to pregnancy centers courtesy of our National Partner!

CarePortal is a trusted tool for these pregnancy center networks:

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