Respond to urgent needs

Discover and meet needs that are critical to a child and family’s wellbeing.

Mobilize your coworkers in one central place

  • Connect and empower employees with opportunities to give back that align with your company values.
  • Fulfill tangible needs that enable churches to provide immediate and ongoing support to those served.
  • Track and celebrate the powerful impact your company is making in the community.
“Our team has such a big heart for children. CarePortal enables our employees to get directly involved in serving kids in need and be a part of our company’s efforts to give back!” -Larimer Shannon Group

71% of employees say it’s imperative or very important to work in a company culture that is supportive of giving and volunteering.



CarePortal unites caring professionals, local churches, and community partners to serve vulnerable children and families


5 ways your company can help a child in foster care

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