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You’re just a few steps away from life-changing connections.
CarePortal helps you mobilize your congregation to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community.
Join a community caring for children & families in your own neighborhood or around the world.

Many individuals and organizations want to meet tangible needs of children and families, but don’t know how. Whether you want to help children in your own neighborhood or across the globe, through CarePortal, it’s possible to connect and respond in a timely, high-impact way.


Provide your contact info below. Some organizations may wish to select a key person to be the liaison for CarePortal to receive requests and distribute them throughout your organization.

Select the communities from which you would like to receive real-time opportunities to meet tangible needs of children and families.

You will receive an email when churches in your selected community(s) request help to meet needs identified by local child welfare agencies.

Our 100% Commitment

Whether you help a single refugee mother in Tyre, Lebanon, a foster child affected by a hurricane in Texas, or a struggling family right next door, 100% of your gifts will go meet the specific needs in the community you’ve committed your heart and resources to.