New Platform Features


Read below to learn about the latest performance improvements and new features designed to enhance your service to children and families in crisis. Encountering issues or questions with the latest update? Please visit our Help Center.

3.1 Release Features

Activate your church

We are thrilled to announce a new feature that will help more local kids in less time! Hear from CarePortal Executive Director, Adrien Lewis, on why to use the feature in this video.

This new feature is for the Primary Point Person of a church who has opted to upload a Response Team List into the new CarePortal church interface or has manually added their CarePortal responders to their personal login page. The feature allows the Primary Point Person to directly send requests to all church members on the Response Team with the click of one button. Watch the demo


Roles affected: Point Person, Church Responder

Follow a request

You spoke, and we listened! We understand people receive many emails and would like a way to limit them, while still staying in the know about things they care about.

With this new feature, you will be able to “follow” requests you might be interested in working on or hearing more about. When you click Follow, the system will keep you posted when others respond and when the need is met. If you do not select Follow, you will not continue to receive emails about that specific request. Watch the demo


Roles affected: Point Person, Church Responder

Pause a request

Caseworkers and church members have so much in common. One thing they share is a desire for clear communication.

As CarePortal has grown, we’ve heard workers say they wish they could let people know the request is being worked on, but not yet closed, so responders who are interested would know. Church members have also let us know that it would be helpful to know when a request was already in the process of being met, so the time they spend trying to coordinate a response is preserved for a unmet request.

Now, a caseworker can “pause” a request, notifying everyone involved to hold tight for a while. This way everyone is on the same page and when the worker “un-pauses”, the request communication starts flowing again. Watch the demo


Role affected: Agency

2.1 Release Features

All your church’s info. All in one place.

You can now view your church’s CarePortal past impact and live opportunities to meet needs on one page. Share your church’s unique URL to help mobilize others to join your response team.

Navigate to this page by selecting Church Resources within a request email.


Role affected: Point Person

Church page

See exactly what families need

It’s now easier to identify what’s needed to help the kids and families through CarePortal. In addition to the full description of a family’s situation, caseworkers will now provide a separate list of the items or services needed, so you can quickly communicate those needs and find out if your church can help.

You’ll find this new field on both request emails and the request detail page on


Roles affected: Point Person, Church Responder, Agency

What's needed

Receive urgent requests via text

Email inboxes can be overwhelming. Ensure you always see what’s most important by signing up to receive Urgent requests (needed within 24 hours) in your community through text messages. Sign-up through the dashboard > Preferences.

Role affected: This option is currently only available to Church Point People.

Receive CarePortal requests via text message

Commit to pray

Prayer is already a huge component of many churches’ ministry through CarePortal. Now, even if your church is not able to meet a specific request, you can log your commitment to pray and receive email updates when your prayers are answered and the need is met.


Roles affected: There is no requirement to sign in to log your commitment to pray. Any individual, whether or not you’re connected to an active CarePortal church, can participate in this way.

Commit to pray