Erika Glenn

Director of Church Empowerment

Erika leads the CarePortal strategy to reverse racial disproportionality in child welfare by empowering local churches in low-income neighborhoods to be the heroes to children and families in crisis in their own communities. Erika has enjoyed a wonderful professional career in the Finance, Real Estate, and Healthcare fields. It is her faithful local church Ministry experience that the Lord is using in Erika to inspire and lead others. Along with her husband, Bishop Terry Glenn, Erika has co-led a small community church in one of the lowest income neighborhoods of Kansas City, a community still crippled by the impacts of Jim Crow and red-lining. The church has a many year history of building trust and grinding it out for kids and families in the community in humble, unseen ways. The church began using CarePortal to do more of what she was already doing, and made CarePortal the local missions platform of the church. Since then, the little community church that could barely afford to pay its own utilities has become a powerful force in family preservation, meeting more CarePortal needs than almost any other church in America. The relational connections made in the process have been unifying in the bigger Body of Christ in ways that far transcend CarePortal. Erika’s passion is to empower 1,000 community churches in Black and Brown neighborhoods, like her own church, to become CarePortal Connecting Churches, lead churches that break our nation’s orphan cycle through the power of a unified Church. Ultimately, Erika is a grateful child from the southside of Chicago submitting her breath and body to her King for His use.

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