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All over the state, there are thousands of families on the verge of breakdown. Overwhelmed, isolated, and in need of help, where do they turn? Our technology platform, CarePortal, enables the needs of these vulnerable children and families to be discovered, shared, and met by local churches and community members. Donate today to activate and empower a community that cares.


100% of your donations to care and prevention go exactly where you intend them to. We do not use any of your generous gifts for our administrative overhead or fundraising expenses. This is only possible because a generous group of dedicated donors cover our overhead so you don’t have to.

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A sixteen-year-old young man had all his teeth removed by his dentist due to severe neglect. Impressions were made to fit him with dentures. Two weeks before school started, his government insurance carrier notified the dentist they would only cover the top teeth, determining the bottom teeth were “cosmetic.” This young man planned to drop out of school rather than be ridiculed by his peers. CarePortal churches quickly raised $350 to complete his set of teeth, and he went on to graduate high school two years later.
Fairfield County JFS worker
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A third grader’s shoe fell apart while he was at school. The councilor taped his shoe together to make it through the day, and and then submitted a CarePortal request for new ones. The request came in right before the end of the day, but a local church Person refused to allow this situation to prevent the child from being able to attend school the next day. She immediately responded and met the family at the local Foot Locker that evening. This precious little boy picked out his own pair of black and lime green, light-up sketchers! He was so excited to show off his new shoes the next day at school.
Kelly Flynn