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What is a Community Champion?

They work closely together with specially trained churches in order to meet high-impact, vetted needs from carefully selected requesting agencies, schools, and non-profit organizations that directly serve families and kids in crisis.

Community Champions are a powerful source that can help take the financial burden away from churches. This allows them to focus on the care connections being made and possibly walking alongside these families. By funding items in CarePortal, they could be helping start the relationship between the church member and vulnerable child or family in need.

Community Champions have a major impact on communities. It may just look like paying a bill, but it could lead to so much more than that.

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So thankful for the opportunity to serve as a company. Our team knew that we had a heart for children and supported The Global Orphan Project and CarePortal but they themselves were never able to be involved directly. We set up two separate teams and funded them - and now they are involved in orphan prevention and care for children themselves! What a great way for our team to really know and be a part of our heart!
Larimer Shannon Group