Each year, over 4 million U.S. children are at risk for family breakdown.

Parents and caregivers want the best for their families but are overwhelmed with difficult challenges.

Many are parenting in isolation, disconnected from the support they need from caring friends, family, and the community.

Care Circle members support advanced technology that alerts and enables local community advocates to take action for kids and families in crisis through CarePortal.     

Care Circle is a community of generous advocates whose monthly investment enables life-changing connections to occur in order for vulnerable children and families to receive the urgent care they need.

Let’s help real kids, right now. 

Every child deserves to be cared for in a loving family environment. Each year however, over 4 million U.S. children are referred to the child welfare system due to family breakdown. These vulnerable kids are in immediate need of life-changing care connections that can prevent devastating outcomes including homelessness, incarceration, mental illness, substance abuse, and more.


You can activate and empower a community that cares in order to help children in need by joining Care Circle. Your gift, starting at just $15 a month, supports CarePortal: an advanced technology platform that’s revolutionizing the ability of communities to care for local children and families in crisis. You know how fast and efficient technology improves everyday life. So why not invest in technology designed to do the very same for vulnerable kids and families? 


When families are overwhelmed, isolated, and in need of help, where do they turn? CarePortal provides the first step, serving as the place for those needs to be brought into the light. When a community member or organization discovers and responds those needs through the platform, we call that life-changing event a care connection.


Care Circle members make care connections possible, powering the technology and resources needed to lift children and families out of difficult seasons in their lives and affirming that their community cares about them. Care connections also allow a family to expand their support system and build trustful, meaningful relationships.

A care connection prevents many social issues from growing by:

• Stabilizing and strengthening a family at risk of breakdown
• Providing urgent resources to prevent a child from entering foster care
• Supporting a foster family or kinship placement caring for a child
• Safely reuniting a child with their biological family
• Preparing youth to successfully transition into adulthood

Care-Sharing Technology

In today’s digital world, technology makes connecting faster and easier than ever before. This made us wonder – could it be adapted to streamline care connections? The result became CarePortal, our care-sharing technology platform that enables the needs of vulnerable children to be easily shared, responded to, and fulfilled with the click of a button.


Caseworkers, teachers, police officers, and more are using CarePortal to share urgent needs, and local churches and the community are responding. This technology brings care connections full circle, enabling resources to reach children faster than ever before. The same technology we use for CarePortal also delivers stories, real-time data, and more directly to our Care Circle members!

We’ll keep you in the loop

You’ll be inspired to share all this goodness with your network of family and friends! Get ready to:


• Hear stories about the care connections you and other members made possible.
• Explore real-time data on the overall impact Care Circle members are making all over the nation.


Become a Care Circle member today and join an entire community working together to streamline care connections for vulnerable children. Your investment will be amplified to reshape the story for millions of kids in crisis and provide innovative solutions to key social issues. 


All of it. 100% of what’s given to Care Circle goes to the care of kids.

CarePortal requests are entered by caseworkers of public or private agencies who directly serve children involved in or at risk of entering the child welfare system. These caseworkers may work for government agencies, law enforcement agencies, school districts, churches, and more. Each request is made with the agreement of the family in need and is approved by an acting supervisor before any churches are notified.

A care connection prevents many social issues from growing by: 

• Stabilizing and strengthening a family at risk of breakdown
Providing urgent resources to prevent a child from entering foster care
Supporting a foster family or kinship placement caring for a child
Safely reuniting a child with their biological family
Preparing youth to successfully transition into adulthood

Churches can be found in every community all around the world. They are the boots on the ground that can deliver local care to children in need. Many churches are already providing care for children and families at risk in their community, and CarePortal supports those efforts enabling them to discover and respond to needs in real-time. There is no better deployment system to care for families than the local church.

Through the CarePortal technology platform, you will be notified the moment a case is closed, signifying a care connection for a child has taken place. You will receive a real-time notification about your care connection via text or email, depending on your notification preferences. We will also send a monthly recap email that will cover anything that you might have missed in your dashboard.

Yes, you can make a recurring monthly donation through your Care Circle membership of $15, $30, $45, $60, $75, or $90. If you ever want to change the amount of your recurring donation, you can do so in your preferences on your dashboard.

Not only have we made it very easy for you to share the good you’re doing through your membership with your friends and family, but when they sign up for Care Circle you will be able to see the good you are doing together. You will be able to see your personal impact and then the impact of those who have joined Care Circle through you. You’ll be amazed at the amount of good you and your friends can do to help at-risk children together!

You can cancel your membership at any time and you’ll still be able to go back to your dashboard to see the care connections that you helped make possible.

CarePortal is a technology connecting platform that was launched by The Global Orphan Project in 2015. It allows child-serving organizations including child welfare agencies, law enforcement, school districts, churches, and more to input the needs of vulnerable children and families in the community. Local churches and community members are alerted of those needs and given a real-time opportunity to respond. Care Circle members support the resources required to build and strengthen those connections between children in crisis and caring people with the resources needed. Members allow care connections to happen in places where they haven’t before!

Your monthly membership enables the needs of children and families in crisis to be discovered, shared, and met by community advocates through the cutting-edge platform, CarePortal. More specifically, Care Circle members support:

• The innovation, expansion, and support of the CarePortal platform

• Funds ‘the bridge’ connecting those in need with those who can help

• The real-time distribution of carefully vetted needs required to care for vulnerable children and families

• Allows more churches and community advocates to be informed and moved to serve

• Onboarding of new churches and community advocates to expand the ability to serve at-risk children and families

• Enables staff to provide field training and ongoing support