What does the community think of CarePortal? Hear from Implementing Partners, agencies, churches, and community members using the platform.

What churches are saying:

Church Stars

"We are so happy to be the hands and feet of Jesus to these families."

Scottsdale Bible Church, Arizona

"CarePortal is a beautiful way for the government and the faith community to work together. I love it."

Community Bible Church, Arkansas

"Seeing the joy brought to the family was something I will never forget."

Redeemer Baptist Church, Nebraska

"We love helping our neighbors in tangible ways."

Pulpit Rock Church, Colorado

"It provides opportunities to make meaningful connections to families in our own community."

City Hope Church, Alabama

"Such a wonderful way to share with those in need and work together with other churches!"

Grace Baptist Church, New York

“We launched CarePortal in a small ‘pilot’ county because we wanted to see if it would actually work the way we imagined. Little did we know that 3 years later, we’d have expanded to impact more than 50% of our state’s population and would be looking toward our entire state being active within the next few years. CarePortal’s value to DHS far exceeds its cost. Not only has it brought significant concrete physical supports to the families and foster families we serve, but much more than that has been the relational impact on families and on our staff. Hope is such a powerful thing, and through the linkages between state and faith community, made easy by CarePortal, hope is rising in the state of Oklahoma.”

MD Child Welfare Director for the state of Oklahoma

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CarePortal has been very helpful to Compass in both accelerating impact, but also increasing funding. Churches that were not previously involved with child welfare now have a platform through CarePortal to connect with not only us as an agency, but children and families as well. We now have partnerships with churches that we did not have connections with two years ago.
Ryan Stanton
CEO, Compass NE

Child welfare professionals, we're all on your team.

Child-serving agencies in 21 U.S. states currently share needs through CarePortal to support the children and families they are committed to.

Here's what caseworkers are saying:

Agency Rating | 4.5 Stars
In the past, it would've taken days to get this need met. Using CarePortal allowed this need to be met within an hour.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

CarePortal has helped us when no one else could.

Texas Child Protective Services

The family can breathe a sigh of relief. Extremely thankful for all the help!

Neighborhood Place of Kona

It's fast and reliable.

Arkansas Dept. of Child & Family Services

Great communication, and they met the family's need quickly.

Schenectady County Children & Family Services

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Church Response Teams in the United States using CarePortal to serve

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CarePortal has impacted the giving level of others to Beautiful Redemption, as people see that "everyone can do something". Our giving has increased 40% because people see the effectiveness of CarePortal. They want to see an organization making a difference in their community and CarePortal shows the impact.
Mike Worley
Executive Director, Beautiful Redemption

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